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Rob Kovitz
Ice Fishing in Gimli

Published by Treyf books

Luis Jacob
Album VII

published by SAMUSO: Space for Contemporary Art

James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thomson
Canadian Haircut Cut

Published by Anteism

Anna M. Szaflarski
Helen Major / A Documentary Account

Published by AKV Berlin Publishing

Paul McDevitt
The Cant

Published by Artspeak

Rita Kamacho
Infinity Nets

Self published

Julia Feyrer
Comedy Tragedy

Published by Perro Verlag

Daniel Newman

Published by [Name] Publications

Ralph Dorey

Self published

Dave Dyment
Sgt Pepper’s Extended Lonely Hearts Club Band

Published by Paul + Wendy Projects

Matt King
Travel to a point where there is no longer a point

Self published

Charles Woodard
The History of Photography in Pen & Ink

Published by A-Jump Books

Ryan Park
It wanted to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony)

Self published

Jaymee Martin
Try and Make: A Little Experiment

Self published

Bill Burns
0.800.0FAUNA0FLORA: The Guide to the Flora and Fauna Information Service

Published by Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)

Andrew Dadson
Visible Heavens 1850 – 2008

Published by Emily Carr Institute Press and JRP Ringier

Ron Jude
Alpine Star

Published by A-Jump Books

Andrew A. McLaren
DCLXVI: A Second Treatise on the Number of the Beast

Self published

Nick Thurston
Reading the Remove of Literature

Published by information as material

Simon Morris
Re-Writing Freud

Published by information as material

Craig Stuart Love
work is a four letter word

Published by LOOKOKBOOK

Dagmar Dahle
A Chronology of Gowns and Bird Extinctions from 1500 to The Present

Published by Ace Art Inc.

Shake-n-Make Collective
Campsite Quickie and Other Fireside Favorites

Self published

Vera Greenwood
L’hôtel SofiCalle—The Whole Story / L’hôtel SofiCalle—Toute La Vérité

Self published

Luke Ramsey and Andrew Neyer

Published by Islands Fold

Jamelie Hassan

Published by Onestar Press

Martin Hogue
[fake] Fake Estates: Reconsidering Gordon Matta-Clark’s Fake Estates

Self published

Ian MacTilstra

Self published

Joshua Schwebel
Between the Deaths

Self published

Xavier Rodríguez

Published by Editorial Diamantina

Epsilon + Epsilon
ε+ε Profile Pictures

Published by ε+ε