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The 2013 ABotM
Marie-Noëlle Hébert
October, Vol.110 (Autumn, 2004), pp.51-79. The MIT Press Accessed:13/05/2014 12:18

The top of the ABotM. The AGYU Artists’ Book of the Moment for 2012.

The book is a complete transcription of Claire Bishop’s “Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics” article published in October in 2004.
In a time where many seek the shortest and simplest forms of information available, this book acts as a critique of the way we [...]

Wolf von Kries
M (Notes on the Meander)

Published by Centre d´art contemporain de la Ferme de Buisson

Yevgeniy Fiks

Published by Ugly Duckling Presse

Nanna Debois Buhl
A Journey in Two Directions

Published by Revolver Publishing

Marius Schmidt
Dear Max Planck Society,…

Published by AKV Berlin

Artifact Institute / Institut de l’artéfact (Tim Dallett and Adam Kelly, co-founders)
Investigation 1: Electronic equipment discarded by arts and cultural organizations in the Halifax Regional Municipality / Enquête 1 : Équipement électronique rejeté par des organismes artistiques et culturels de la communauté urbaine de Halifax

Published by The Artifact Institute / l’Institut de l’artéfact

Claire Huot, Robert Majzels, Nathan Tremblay

Published by Les Figues (L.A.) and Moveable Inc. (Toronto)

Joy Walker (Artist), Andrew Di Rosa (Designer), Bartosz Gawdzik (Designer)
Fade to Black

Published by Rodman Hall Art Centre

Michael Dumontier and Micah Lexier
Call Ampersand Response

Published by Artexte and Nieves

Hazel Meyer with Heidi Nagtegaal, Lex Vaughn, Logan MacDonald, Erin Silver, Julie Lequin, Zoe Kreye, Lara Bober, Jessica MacCormack, Jen Anisef, Lisa Visser, Sarah Febbraro, MIchelle Sterling, Lena Suksi, Allyson Mitchell, Jon Davies, Deirdre Logue, Helen Reed, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Marlaina Buch, Cait McKinney, Sarah Mangle, Vincent Chevalier

Published by Push Rub PRESS

Carla Paola Bertone
Colors in transparent things

Self published

Jim Verburg
O/ Divided/Defined, Weights, Measures, and Emotional Geometry. From the ongoing series (I see your point, and I understand your perspective – maybe there is no clear direction, no right or wrong answer. Maybe I’m just seeing it differently – or maybe we’re saying the same thing.)

Published by Dazibao

Pauline Lamont-Fisher
Aconbury Walk, May 2013

Self published

Julian Jason Haladyn and Janice Gurney
A History of Tea Spills

Published by Blue Medium Press

Carla Paola Bertone

Published by NOPX

Hana Miletic
Class of 2008

Published by APE (Art Paper Editions)

Kirsten McCrea

Published by Paper Pusher

Aislinn Thomas
Why Whycocomagh?

Self published

Elisabeth Tonnard
The Invisible Book

Self published

Robin Arseneault
Monsterdom: A Tragicomedy in Four Scenes

Self published

Yi Xin Tong
The Description of a Whale

Self published

Megan Morman
Electric City Art Activity Book

Published by ARTSPACE Artist-Run Centre

Laurie Kang
Untitled (Document of Untitled)

Self published

Robin Arseneault
Paradoxe sur le comédien

Self published

Liz Knox
Missed Connections

Self published

Aaron Carpenter
Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing & Other Drawing

Published by Or Gallery

Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens
Tools that Measure the Intensity of Passionate Interests

Published by Horse and Sparrow Editions

Jeremy Dixon

Published by Hazard Press

Ivonne Dippmann
Meine Feindseligkeiten Sind Gerechtfertigt Verteilt [My Hostilities Are Distributed In A Justified Way]

Published by Revolver Publishing

Nanna Debois Buhl and Liz Linden
City Grammar: Stormy Weather & Suitcase Wisdom

Revolver,Nanna Debois Buhl and Liz Linden

Elisabeth Tonnard
We are small

Self published

Kate Morrell

Self published

Meredith Snider
One Butternut Squash, Chopped

Self published

The Wood

Self published

Micah Lexier
Working as a Drawing (Vol. 1, 1980 to 2012, Letter-Size, Vertical)

Published by Burnaby Art Gallery

Maryse Larivière
Everything We Talked About Last Night, And Our Experience Of The World As Something Strange Is A Liberation..

Self published

Luke Strosnider
I Wish You Where Here

Published by Anchorless Press

Sandra Haar
A Book of Longing

Self published

Alberto Guedea
A brief study on subversive subcultures before and after Darwin

Published by No Kings Press

Fanette Mellier
Dans la Lune

Published by Editions du livre

Anuta Skrypnychenko

Self published

John Di Stefano

Self published in collaboration with Enjoy Public Art Gallery (Wellington, New Zealand)

Nanna Debois Buhl
Atlas of Anatomy

Published by Revolver

Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson
Bottles at the Round Table

Published by Perro Verlag

Maxim Panitch

Self published

Pauline Lamont-Fisher

Self published

Sophie Jodoin and Louise Marois
De peine et de misère

Published by Battat Contemporary

Ho Tam
hotam #1: A Brief History of Me

Published by hotam press

Kate Morrell
Alpine Spoilers

Self published

Liz Menard
Nature of the River

Published by Skunkcabbage Press