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Paul Collins

Published by Care Not Care

Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte, Anne-Marie Proulx (curators, editors, designers); Donna Akrey, Anne Bertrand, Claire Dumoulin, Julie Fournier Lévesque, Shane Krepakevich, Vanessa Kwan, Marc Laforest, Jean-François Prost, Jacinthe Robillard, Étienne Tremblay-Tardif (artists)
Chroniques lavalloises/Laval Chronicles

Published by Palindromes and Verticale – centre d’artistes

Josh Thorpe
The House

Published by Beaucagearts Press

Bence Bakker, Jeroen Lambertyn, Michiel Burger, Max Pinckers, Sam Weerdmeester

Published by De Bedoeling

Erin K. Schmidt
Tea and Water Pipe

Self published

Alexa Wright
A View From Inside

Published by White-Card

Yung-Shan Tsou

Self published

Joachim Schmid

Self published

Mark Laliberte
Angry Black Bang

Published by Popnoir Editions

Josh Thorpe
A dog at sea

Published by Beaucagearts Press

Shaan Syed
The Andrew Project; 1000 and Something Portraits in Toronto, Berlin, and London

Published by S1 ArtSpace and FormContent

Liz Knox

Self published

Elisabeth Tonnard
In this Dark Wood

Self published

Juan Ortiz-apuy
The Freedom Fighter Manual

Self published

Sylvia Matas
In Every Direction

Self published

Micah Lexier (artist/designer), Tom Koken (designer)
Micah Lexier: A Week At A Glance

Published by Rodman Hall Art Centre/Brock University

JP King
A Brief Report on The New and Prestigious Towne of Canada

Published by Paper Pusher Printworks

Bill Burns
Dogs and Boats and Airplanes told in the form of Ivan the Terrible

Published by Space Poetry

Emmanuelle Jacques
Lieux communs : Commonplaces

Published by Terrain vague inc.

Shawn Records
From the Bottom of a Well

Published by A-Jump Books

Nicholas Muellner
The Amnesia Pavilions

Published by A-Jump Books

Jimmy Limit
Colin Engel

Published by Young Healers / Second Hand Projects

Coryn Kempster
Let a Hundred Starbucks Blossom

Self published

Elisabeth Tonnard
The Story of a Young Gentleman

Self published

David Kennedy Cutler
Against Geology

Self published

Felicity Tayler (amanuensis) | Adad Hannah | Alexandra McIntosh | Alissa Firth-Eagland | Amish Morrell | Andre Furlani | Ann Butler | Anne Bertrand | Anne-Marie Proulx | Ardath Whynacht | Barbara Clausen | Barbara Wisnoski | Catherine Bodmer | Chris Carrière | Claudine Hubert | Corina MacDonald | Daniel Olson | Darren Wershler | David Tomas | Denis Lessard | Denis Longchamps | Doug Scholes | Emily Falvey | Eva Fromm | François Lemieux | Florencia Marchetti | Jacob Wren | jake moore | Jen Allen | Johanne Sloan | John Latour | John Murchie | Karen Spencer | Karilee Fuglem | Leisure Projects | Lowell Darling | Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf | Marisa Jahn | Mark Gaspar | Michael Blum | Michèle Theriault | Michelle Bush | Nathalie Angles | Nicole Burisch | Peter Dubé | Rebecca Duclos | Robin Simpson | Sarah Greig | Sarah Watson | Sarah Wookey | Simon Brown | Sturm Husqvarna | Taien Ng-Chan | Therese Mastroiacovo | Tom Sherman | Urs Lehni | Vincent Bonin | Vincent Trasov
Petite enveloppe urbaine No. 19: Amanuensis

Published by Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal

Jan Matthé
Katalog 1

Published by Für Dich Verlag

Maryanna Hardy
So I’ve Been Told

Published by Conundrum Press

Tara Bursey
Goin’ Down The Road: Newfoundland Stories of Leaving (#1: Gower Bursey)

Self published

Scott McCarney
Various Fires & MLK

Published by VisualBooks

Bill Burns
Three books and an Audio CD About Plants and Animals and War

Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Cologne

Celine Huyghebaert
L’Impossible voyage

Self published

Karilee Fuglem
My Darling

Self published

Kegan McFadden
once a thief

Self published

Printed and bound by Alex Durlak
The Amateur Printer

Self published

Michael Benjamin Brown

Self published

Roberley Bell and Lorrie Frear
You Will Say

Published by Women’s Studio Workshop

Jessica Auer
Unmarked Sites

Published by Les Territoires

Karilee Fuglem
River Story

Self published

Daniel Salamanca Núñez
A creative impulse / Un impulso creativo

Published by Mirona

Karilee Fuglem
Untitled (flapflapflap)

Self published

Paul de Guzman
Excavating Grid

Self published

Joachim Schmid
The Coach House / An Inventory

Self published

Antonia Hirsch
Komma (after Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun)

Published by Fillip

Gareth Long & Derek Sullivan
The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas 2010 Galley #5

Published by Artexte

Simon Brown
The Shit that Excretes the Person

Published by Paper Pusher Print Works

Danielle Mericle

Published by A-Jump Books

Susan Kordalewski
Every Word I Know

Self published

Heidi Neilson
Home Planetarium Survey

Self published

Stephanie Shepherd
Set ( )

Self published