Chris Drury


Algonquin is a small book is about Nature, Culture and Language. In 2003, I took a 7 day canoe trip in Algonquin National park with my wife. I had read that about 2000 BC the Algonquin tribes developed a written language based on bite marks on birch bark. For each day of the trip I collected one piece of bark and bit marks into it.  The accompanying words to the images are from daily diary entries of things seen, heard and sensed.

Published by East Port Press
15×21 cm, 24 pages, 1 colour offset, 2008
Edition of 500 plus 20 artist proofs
10£; $18 CAD

Available from the artist:

I am a British land artist. I work in all sorts of different media, using multiple procedures, scales and materials. Three common threads running through all the works are Nature/Culture, Inner/Outer, Microcosm and Macrocosm. Above all I try to make links and connections in the world, particularly to the earth itself. My work is an attempt to reconnect to something, which has been lost.

Algonquin is the first edition in our East Port press, where we hope to make a  series of small simple editions of art and poetry.