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isbn 0-9690745-0-6, isbn 0-9690745-1-4, isbn 0-9690745-2-2

CLASSIC AVANT-GARDE SELF-PUBLISHED ARTISTS-BOOKS AVAILABLE: This series of self-published ISBN Bookworks is a gradual and extensive accumulation and sequencing of homogeneous photographic imagery. The latest three titles in a continuing interdependent series are available at cost. These books consist entirely of halftone photographs (no text), printed full-page-bleed on newsprint; web-offset and perfect-bound. Landscape-format 9″x12″ and 128–1024 pages. Each book is entitled only with its ISBN (International Standard Book Number) number on colored cover stock. (Beautiful hyperbolic ornaments!!) These books are distributed and exhibited world-wide.

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Published by brad brace books
ISBN: isbn 0-9690745-0-6, isbn 0-9690745-1-4, isbn 0-9690745-2-2
9×12″, 128 to 1024 pp, offset on newsprint, perfect-bound, varies
Edition of 1000

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This sequence of printed books began in the early eighties amidst an egalitarian spirit of numerous self-published artists/authors who understood this activity to be a preferred alternative to the sordid shenanigans of the Art World. Today, many of the distribution centers for artists’ multiples no longer exist but a similar driving spirit can be found online. My series of ISBN Books continues via the Net as The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project.