Ralph Dorey and Naomi Korner (authors)
On Going: The Thing and The Image of Itself

On Going: The Thing and The Image of Itself was produced as a published dialogue between Ralph Dorey and Naomi Korner. The book is a conversation in words and images and could be said to concern the redemptive power of fiction over fact, humour and where our attentions might best be placed.

Self published
15cm x 21cm, 24 pp, inkjet print, staple bound, 2010
Edition of open edition
£3 (uk)

Available from the artist.
http://ralphdorey.blogspot.com/(or www.ralphdorey.co.uk)

Ralph Dorey conducts research into modes of existence in relation to objects as a means of coming to terms with the lost spirit we most readily identify with Modernism. The artist is concerned with the act as a means of both uncovering and documenting, identifying the moment as the site of most consequence. Ralph Dorey completed his studies at The Royal College of Art’s sculpture school in 2008 and continues to live and work in London, writing, exhibiting and lecturing in the UK and abroad. www.ralphdorey.co.uk    Naomi Korner is an artist based in London and very mysterious.