Lynne Avadenka
By A Thread


By A Thread imagines a conversation between two extraordinary women, separated by a thousand years, yet connected by acts of bravery and more than coincidental commonalities. A dialogue that transcends time links Queen Esther, from the Jewish story of Purim, with Scheherazade, the Muslim storyteller of a Thousand and One Nights. The book structure reinforces the never-ending, always mutable nature of storytelling as the narrative on the tabbed pages weaves its way through the evocative imagery printed on the accompanying page spreads. The original drawings for this book were created from gouache, powdered graphite and letterpress printing. The color offset lithography and die-cut edition was printed at the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Published by Land Marks Press
8 x 8 in, 4 colour offset with die-cut, accordian binding in slip-cover, 2006
Edition of 300
$350 USD

Available directly from the artist.

About Lynne Avadenka:

These are the constants that guide and inspire me, confound and challenge me, and compel me to make art:

The philosophical and physical presence of the book, as repository of memory and loss, as a vehicle for transmitting transcendent information, as a singular object binding together a multiplicity of ideas.

The visual power of word and image combined, the notion that both word and image are formed from abstractions, and both are codes to be deciphered.

An engagement with Judaic subject matter: ritual, ceremony and classic texts, and the resulting synthesis of tradition and modernity.

The mark making of printmaking and calligraphy—repeatable (printed) and unique  (hand-drawn)

Exploring the beauty and power of line, and the graphic essence of a letter–whether it can be “read” or not.

Investigating the very nature of visual language.