James Kirkpatrick AKA Thesis Sahib
Before the End

Before the End is a hardcover art book of sixty full-colour offset print pages of my paintings,  drawings, sculptures, and sound sculptures. It includes a download card for my new 16 – song album as  Thesis Sahib. When you’re done with the card, you can plant it to grow wildflowers!
It also comes with a blue vinyl 7-inch record featuring two previously unreleased tracks, noises from four of my sound sculptures, and two songs from the new full length Thesis Sahib album. You can look at the pictures of my sound sculptures and on the vinyl, listen to the sounds they make.
Forwards in the book about my art and music are written by Robin Metcalfe and Jesse Dangerously.

Published by Tin Men
ISBN: 978-0-9867795-0-3
7.75″ x 7.75″, 64 pp, full-colour, offset, Perfect-bound, 2010
Edition of 1050
$39.95 CND

Available from Tin Men.
See also: http://www.jameskirkpatrick.org

James Kirkpatrick received his BFA from NSCAD University in 2002. His work was featured in the traveling group exhibition Pulp Fiction, presented at Museum London and The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in 2009, and at St. Mary’s University Art Gallery in 2010. He is also well known as the graffiti artist and rapper Thesis Sahib. He has created artwork for several album covers, and his collaborative art book with Peter Thompson, Brain Trust, is published by Anteism. He works collaboratively with Jamie Q as the art team Dusty Peas http://jamieq.net, and with Peter Thompson as the art and music duo Brain Trust http://www.myspace.com/thebraintrustband.
Kirkpatrick has exhibited his work in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brazil, Miami, London England, Texas, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver. He currently resides in London, Ontario, where he is developing work in a variety of media including drawing, painting, avant-garde hip-hop and electronic music, sound sculpture, zines, comics, and mask-making. His work is often constructed from used electronics, wood, fabrics, and found materials. Science fiction books and movies, designs, costume, comics and cartoons, fine art, hobo freight train art, and outsider art, are among his inspirations. His paintings incorporate sculptural, kinetic, and auditory elements, as he combines his 2D aesthetic with circuit-bent electronic toys. Likewise, compositions written on modified Gameboys and circuit-bent sounds have become part of his music and on-stage performances.

This book is self published by me, James Kirkpatrick – the artist who uses the title TIN MEN as the publishing name for all of my independently released and distributed music and art books in various different media.