Stephanie Shepherd
Set ( )

Set ( ) is an artist book in two volumes. Each volume is printed in a single colour and wrapped together in a two-colour unglued perfect-bound card-weight jacket, with double French flaps.

Each volume presents the results of field work undertaken at specific geographical locations – the complex sand spit that makes up the Toronto Islands, and the hiking trails of Banff National Park. Weather recording instruments gathered barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature readings, which were subsequently plotted. Photographs were taken and contour drawings were made. Sounds were recorded. Animals and plants were listed. Birds were spotted. Altitudes and wind speeds were measured. Vague impressions were also noted.

Set ( ) takes as its premise the idea that objects (including human objects) relate to and effect each other. As such, Set ( ) pays attention to objects as autonomous units caught up in complex processes. As things in themselves, these objects partake in relations with other entities. They have inter-object encounters. They get incorporated into larger objects. They perish.

Atoms, weather systems, raindrops, gusts of wind, sand spits, clouds, lakes, trees, windbreaks, cardinal points, particles, mountain ranges.

ABotM seal of approval

Self published
ISBN: 978-0-9868083-0-2
4.75″ x 7″, 48 pp, each volume single colour offset + jacket two-colour offset, 2 volumes saddle-stitched + covers, wrapped within an unglued card-weight jacket, with double French flaps, 2010
Edition of 500
$10.00 CAD

Available from the artist.

Stephanie Shepherd is a Toronto-based artist. Her project-based art practice involves a range of analogue and digital media including sound, text, artists’ books, computer scripting, and installation. Her most recent exhibitions include Dragon Fountain Bathhouse (Caochangdi, Beijing), Ke Ren Yuan / Guest Garden (Beijing) co-curated with Barbara Balfour,  Donkey Institute of Contemporary Art (Beijing), Titles 7: An Exhibition of Artists’ Bookworks (MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie), and In The Stacks (*QueenSpecific, Toronto). She also produced Stubborn Objects (2010) a self-published artist book of photographs documenting object interactions encountered in the hutong neighbourhoods of Beijing.