Simon Brown
The Shit that Excretes the Person

It is a small thin volume. The synthetic silver cover stock repels the ink  applied by letterpress, faint black excretions pool at the edges of the impression of   the title.  The binding glue is equally viscous, emerging suggestively from the slim   space at the back of the book where spine and signatures meet. With its intimate   dimensions, this book could slip easily into your breast pocket – or through the iron   grate of a sewer.

The structure is simple. 42 pages propose aphorisms and imagistic  statements, interpolated by two pauses. The reader carries these pictures in their   imagination over into the remaining short narrative, a meditation on holes and the   perils of unquenchable thirst. The climactic fulcrum is provided as “an experience   that is humbling, or perhaps completely revolting, or possibly even both, given that   being humbled and being revolted, are not, in essence mutually exclusive states.”  In   their conflation we may briefly experience elation.      The oracular Simon Brown, through the precision of his language, ignites a   flight of fancy as alleviation of distress. Published by and   distributed by Anteism, the modest means of the books’ production are part of its   contradictory beauty (“many objects have far more protuberances than is necessary   or desireable”). If Brown’s successful reception at the recent Traffic conference on   Conceptual Art in Canada is any indication, he is a storyteller in the best New   Brunswickian tradition. He has relocated to the city, but one suspects he knows   where there are “700 cans of condensed milk hidden in the woods.”

- Felicity Tayler, MLIS

ABotM seal of approval

Published by Paper Pusher Print Works
ISBN 978-0-9865678-1-0
4″ x 6″, 64 pp, letterpress / B&W xerox, perfect-bound, 2010
Edition of 250
$10 CAD

Available from Paper Pusher Print Works.

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Simon Brown grew up in the rural community of Old Ridge, New Brunswick and now resides in Montreal, Quebec, where is he is finishing an MFA at Concordia University. He spends most of his “free” time writing unreadable texts and making unlistenable sound recordings.

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