Ralph Dorey


Bildungsroman was self-published by the artist as the fourth part of a multi-part solo exhibition in 2009. The other three parts existed as installations of different duration at three respectice locations: NEXT art fair in Chicago, the empty flat of a London-based curator, and the window of a barbershop.

Bildungsroman deals with the utopian spirit of growth and progress, likening the Modernist dream to a continual right of passage, a series of moments of proving an evoloving ideal. The publication consists of a short text and a series of black and white drawings and photographs, It is printed on cartridge paper in a manner to allow heavier images to break down into a series of vertical lines.

ABotM seal of approval

Self published
21×15 cm, 42 pages, black and white, 2009
edition of 100
£2 sterling

Available from TheBunkerGallery

Ralph Dorey is an artist based in London who graduated from the Royal College of Art’s sculpture school in 2008. Dorey’s work exists in a field between drawing and installation and focuses on a continual quest for the frequently lost paragon of heroic ambition. http://www.ralphdorey.co.uk