Glenn Thomas
The End

“The plans:
Preliminary sketch: made in about 1 & 1/2 minutes before leaving the studio looked OK the next day; a friend said the 3 forms looked like children’s coffins.
Second drawing: made from a distance of 2 & 1/2 meters from the 1st sketch. Looking and using a scale to plan the size. The 3 panels were to be 2 meters 20 centimeters high and had a total width of 3 meters and 60 centimeters. The inal outline drawing of hte panels took two weeks to complete.
The material: Lime wood (linden) approximately 1.3-5 cubic meters would be needed. His Amsterdam supplier could supply 9 centimeter thick beans (after planing). The cost of the wood and planing the rough beams clean would be 3332 euros. The cost of gluing the beams to make 3 panels 1 meter 20 x 2 meters 20 would be 2261 euros. Each panel would weigh approximately 95 kilograms [!} It was clear that a stduo would have to be rented equipped to lift heavy objects.
Would Riemenschneider’s atelier be able to handle 3 panels of this size? … “

Self published
34 x 24.2 cm, 21 pp, two-colour litho on vellum, coil-bound in wooden box, 2010
Edition of 35
$185 USD

Available from the artist.

Bio: Since artists statements about thmeselves inevitably turn into a cliché I never offer a statement about myself. I do occasionally give interviews, one of which can be seen on my web site.