Ines Cox and Lauren Grusenmeyer
Open Impact Channel ‘Your Limit is our Imagination’

The Open Impact Channel business plan is part of the Open Impact Channel project by Cox & Grusenmeyer. Open Impact Channel is an imaginary advertising company that explores the ethics and rhetorical aspects of an advertising company. The project contains three layers; a business plan with a carefully conceived business language, a business lecture with two active business preachers and advertising products made by the Open Impact Channel company for the collaborating brands.
The main goal of Open Impact Channel is to procide an alternative branding strategy for commercial brands with the focus on ‘Open’ impact. Brands can send in their old promotional materials, such as posters, street advertisings, and shop fittings. These materials will be reprocessed by Open Impact Channel into Ad-Art. Next Open Impact Channel will expose these Ad-Art pieces in exhibition spaces and public venues.
Open Impact Channel is centred around a strong business plan written down in the Open Impact Channel business plan. A few core strategies of the plan are: Target on teh artistic elite, 100% waste prevention, 0 investment, open impact, and creative innovation. The Open Impact Channel business plan is the backbone of the project which sustains all innovative ideas of Open Impact Channel. It is the principle guideline along which the project is run.
By offering brands an innovative and creative advertising strategy, Open Impact Channel hopes to change the future of the advertising industry. We hope for the difference, the visionary, the superb!

Self published
220 x 340 mm, 72 pp, black and white offset, perfectbound, 2010
Edition of 500
15 euro

Available from the artists.