Paul McDevitt
The Cant


The Cant is a book and was a performance. This book compiles drawings made by Paul McDevitt over a two-week period in rural British Columbia during June and July 2009. The drawings are presented in approximate chronological order and the book is largely unedited. These improvised drawings informed the anatomy of a one-off shadow play presented by Artspeak in Vancouver, July 29, 2009. Design by Jen Eby, cover text by Lee Henderson.

ABotM seal of approval

Published by Artspeak
8.25″ x 10.75″, 500pp, 500 b&w images, 2009
ISBN 978-0921394-61-7
Edition: 400
Price: $20

Available directly from Artspeak.

Paul McDevitt is a Berlin based artist. His practice includes drawing, sculpture, performance, curatorial projects, and often centres on ideas of artistic labour. He completed his MA at Chelsea College of Art in 2000 and was awarded the Saatchi Fellowship. His work has been internationally exhibited including solo exhibitions at Galerie Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam; Stephen Friedman Gallery, London; Sommer & Kohl, Berlin; Kunstverein Schwerte (with Heike Kati Barath), Schwerte, Germany; Berwick Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, UK; Jerwood Foundation, London. Group exhibitions include Kunsthalle Andratx, Majorca, Spain; Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne (MAC/VAL), Paris; The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK; Compton Verney, Warwickshire, UK; Project, Dublin; Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin; Kjubh Kunstverein, Cologne; carlier | gebauer, Berlin; Sparwasser HQ, Berlin. His work is represented by Stephen Friedman Gallery, London and Sommer & Kohl, Berlin.

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