Micah Lexier (artist/designer), Tom Koken (designer)
Micah Lexier: A Week At A Glance

Published in conjunction with A Week At A Glance, one-year project by Micah Lexier made specifically for Rodman Hall Art Centre. Beginning on the first Monday of 2011, four objects were displayed in the gallery’s project space, which was converted, per Lexier’s specifications, into a custom-built vitrine. Each Monday, one object was removed and replaced by another object drawn from Lexier’s personal collection of everyday items. Following Lexier’s predetermined schedule of exchanges, the installation slowly evolved over the course of the year. Some objects remained on display for a number of weeks; others appeared for one week only. During the last three weeks of the installation, three of the four objects presented during the first week were reintroduced, one per week. The project concluded on the first Sunday of 2012 with a display that was one move away from the first, creating a complete loop that brought the project back to its beginning. The bookwork doesn’t explain but approximates the experience of the installation by replicating the display space of the vitrine and each of the fifty-two arrangements. Each of the objects is reproduced at actual size. The height of the bookwork is equal to the depth of the riser on which the objects are displayed in the vitrine, and the width of the bookwork is one-third of the riser’s width. Each week’s display is represented over three double-page spreads. Three copies of the bookwork laid open to the corresponding pages and placed side by side would replicate each display. The bookwork was designed as a stand-in for the exhibition, but it also stands alone.

Published by Rodman Hall Art Centre/Brock University
ISBN: 978-0-9864955-3-3
12 x 9 inches, 320 pp, black and white offset, perfect, 2011
Edition of 1000
$20 CAD

Available from: http://www.brocku.ca/rodman-hall/shop/publications

Micah Lexier is an artist, a collector of things, and sometimes a curator. He has a deep interest in measurement, games and puzzles, found imagery, and the kinds of casual marks we make in our day-to-day lives. He has had over 90 solo exhibitions, participated in over 150 group exhibitions and produced a dozen permanent public commissions including projects for the Air Canada Centre, and the subway station at Sheppard and Leslie, both in Toronto. Lexier has undertaken a number of collaborations with his family members, with other visual artists and with writers, including Colm Tóibín, Christian Bök, and Derek McCormack. Recent publications include A Number of Things, a coloring book about conceptual art made for Vancouver school children, published by Artspeak, and I’m Thinking of A Number, a 30-year survey of Lexier’s ephemera, published by the Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. Lexier’s work is in numerous private and public collections including The British Museum (London, England), the Contemporary Art Gallery (Sydney, Australia), The National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa) and The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto). Micah Lexier is represented in Calgary by TrepanierBaer, in Toronto by Birch Libralato, and in Sydney, Australia by the Gitte Weise Galerie. More information can be found at micahlexier.com.

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