Daniel Salamanca Núñez
A creative impulse / Un impulso creativo

Taking a common notebook as a starting point, I began to imagine drawings, graphics and figures that could be created from the straight lines that usually characterize a notebook’s pages. The outcome is this artists’ book, which contains the first fifty images that came spontaneously to my mind when I had just begun the exercise. A record of automatic thinking organized as a new notebook that communicates by itself the idea of brain storming, spontaneity and letting the conscious flow. Strangely enough, there are some patterns and recurrent ideas that can be seen throughout the book, such as: the line as a main visual element, games, words, texts and fonts, nature, architecture and daily life. This project was made with extremely basic materials and a low budget.

Published by Mirona
27,5 x 21,9 cms, 50 pp, 2 colours offset print, cardboard binding with embossed title and perfect bound with leather tape., 2010
Edition of 150
$20 USD

Available from: http://www.mirona.com.co
See also: http://www.danielsalamanca.info

Daniel Salamanca is a 27 years old visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia. He graduated in 2006 from the Javeriana University, and since then, has worked in four main fields: as a contemporary artist, as a graphic designer, as a teacher, and as an empirical writer. As an artist he has been exhibiting his work in many institutional and commercial spaces in Latin America, and participating in awards, lectures and other activities in the contemporary art scene. As a graphic designer he started a design studio named Mirona, dedicated to resolving visual identity problems and other communication and graphic issues for different clients. He currently acts as art director for the agency. From 2008 until now, he worked at his university, more precisely with the faculty of arts teaching a course that introduces students to the visual practices. Finally, since the early years of his career, he writes. This has become a hobby, a creative exercise and a personal project that, no matter what, he constantly does. He also writes a blog about Latin-American art for the cultural magazine Revista Arcadia (www.revistaarcadia.com), called “My-Stream.”

Mirona is a graphic design studio based in Bogotá, Colombia. Besides its commercial work in visual identity it also has a strong interest in developing other kinds of projects. One of these is publishing books related to literature, graphic design and art. The main criteria for creating these books is that they should not be expensive to produce and that the design of the object-book should fit perfectly with the content. Apart from that, Mirona welcomes any sophisticated, creative or refreshing ideas which find their best form of self-expression in a book.