Celine Huyghebaert
L’Impossible voyage

These 18 screenprinted tags tell the story of something that’s already finished. They imitate the shape of the tags that travel companies hang on your luggage. These tags are all that remains at the end: the traces which stand the test of time to testify the existence of a past experience. As if love was a kind of trip, I mixed pictures of a city and texts to show all that remains at the end of a love affair. A lot of things are lost forever, and it’s impossible to live them again in the same way. But there are still a few places and sentences that we keep in mind.

Self published
15 x 07 cm, 36 pp, silkscreen on paper, rubber bands and paperboard, 2011
Edition of 20
$20 CAD

More information: http://www.fadingpaper.blogspot.com

Céline Huyghebaert couples writing with techniques such as drawing and silkscreen printing to create a dialogue between text and image in zones, artist books and prints which has been presented in several individual and collective exhibitions. She has also published short stories in collective books and in several magazines such as Moebius and Le Chameau. As part of her PHD in études et pratiques des arts at UQAM, she focuses on artist books and installations as places where the material memory of death is recorded. From March 17th to April 22nd, she is participating at the Biennale du Livre d’artistes du Quai de la Batterie in Arras (France).