Ho Tam
hotam #1: A Brief History of Me

hotam #1 is an artist’s book disguised as a magazine. After working with the “magazine” format in my other publication for some time, I decide to explore the form of a magazine further. hotam was thus born. It is planned to be a quarterly publication. I see it as a new form of artist’s book, using the technology of digital printing. Each issue is an independent entity with a theme and an approach in presenting the information, while exploring and experimenting with the magazine format and the printed medium. Different from magazines and more like a zine or an artist’s project, I am the sole creator, overlooking from conception to design to production to distribution. In hotam#1, I decide to give the reader an introduction to my life, so far. My old photographs and the history events together form a timeline. Although no year or date is specified, the reader can tell the time if they understand that each page represents a year of my life. Turning 50 this year, I try to look back at my somewhat privileged life and reflect on my position in the world.

Published by hotam press
ISBN: 978-1-927572-20-7
8.25×10.75 inches, 56 pp, full-colour digital printing (POD), perfectbound, 2013
Edition of 250

More info: http://ho-tam.com

Available from: http://hotampress.com

Born in Hong Kong, Ho Tam grew up in Toronto, Canada and currently lives in Vancouver. He had many jobs including working in advertising firms and community psychiatric facilities before turning to art. Tam works in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, photography, video and books and prints.

hotam press is Ho Tam’s self published press, representing the collection of Tam’s artist’s bookwork and prints.