Megan Morman
Electric City Art Activity Book

Electric City Art Activity Book is a 20-page activity book about visual art in the community of Peterborough, Ontario. It was produced in June 2013 as the culmination of a residency at ARTSPACE Artist-Run Centre. Meant to be played by both adults and children, it was available free to the public during the exhibition Wordgames with Friends. Electric City Art Activity Book’s games – word searches, dot-to-dots, and mad libs – explored the role of artist as educator. By positioning “specialist” knowledge of contemporary art in a “fun” context usually occupied by information considered basic, Electric City Art Activity Book questions our assumptions about whether art’s disciplinary concerns have wider significance.

Published by ARTSPACE Artist-Run Centre
7×8.5 inches, 20 pp, black and white laser inside, colour laser cover, saddle-stitched, 2013
Edition of 200
Free in person at ARTSPACE, $4CAD by mail.

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Megan Morman’s visual, text-based, and performative work has shown across Canada at artist-run galleries and festivals including Galerie Sans Nom, Neutral Ground, Gallery 101, Open Space, and Mountain Standard Time. Since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, she has worked in design and communications with arts and queer cultural organizations. Megan’s artistic practice wrestles with questions of belonging, artistic socialization, and “recognition by one’s peers”; she’s particularly interested the ways that membership in professional communities is established through storytelling, gossip, and insinuation. Megan’s cheeky text-based work uses humour and the visual vocabulary of childhood to animate people, places, and ideas. Born in Minnesota, Megan is currently based in Lethbridge.

ARTSPACE is an artist-run centre that accommodates a broad scope of disciplines and favours work that is challenging, innovative and provocative. We change in response to the needs of artists and work to engage and inform the public about their work. Formally, our mandate aims to foster a stronger appreciation for Canadian contemporary art. In our ongoing efforts to increase public awareness, we also aim to build on our reputation as one of our region’s most vital arts organizations. ARTSPACE is built on the strength of its membership, supported by private sector partners, and funded at all levels of government; the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Arts Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, and the City of Peterborough.

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