Aaron Carpenter
Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing & Other Drawing

This book is basically a few months worth of doodles elevated to some sort of status that lies somewhere between exercise/object/concept. Im not really sure, sometimes I just consider them comics like Herman or perhaps Ziggy, except they arent all funny. The titles are the exercise, some viewer/readers have pointed out that you dont really need the image because the titles are so bluntly descriptive that they’re enough. I think its good to see the drawing as well because there is a redundancy to looking at a completed exercise book. Its not a teaching tool anyway. Its a bunch of drawings. I stole kinesthetic drawing as a concept from Richard Tuttle who I am sure stole it from somewhere else. Its also a redundant term because there isnt really any kind of drawing that is not kinesthetic. Its a pretty nice book, it isnt going to change the world or anything.

Published by Or Gallery
ISBN: 978-1-895005-41-7
22×17 cm, 100 pp, full colour offset, hardcover, 2013
Edition of 1000

More info: http://www.carpentercarpenter.ca

Available from: http://www.orgallery.org

Aaron Carpenter (me) I was born in Brandon Manitoba in 1976 which was quite a while ago. After overcoming childhood, I became a juvenile delinquent and learned how to steal cars. It wasn’t hard, I only learned how to steal Honda Preludes because all you needed was a flat head screwdriver, you could crush the steering column and then pretty much just crank the ignition with it and the car would go. We mostly just went for joyrides. After I was caught by the police several times my Zionist stepfather sent me to Israel to learn about socialism in action on a Kibbutz commune but instead I learned about monotheism and sex. After overcoming monotheism I went to art school for a while in Vancouver but dropped out in 2002 and became a forklift driver until 2009 when a forklift fell on me and I was mere inches from permanent decapitation. After overcoming the related PTSD I made an artist’s book entitled Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing & Other Drawing.

The Or Gallery is a venerable institution in Vancouver where they do veneration best. The Or gallery was started by artist Laiwan in 1983. A lot of people think Ken Lum started it but thats just because he is famouser and also a he’s a dude. It’s hardly fair. The first art exhibition I ever went to was at the Or, it was a large whale skeleton made by Brian Jungen who is a really nice guy. The Or Gallery has published quite a few books in the past years, as well as they also now have the Or Gallery in Berlin so thats really something that its a franchise. They published Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing & Other Drawing for which I am very thankful. They got this fellow named Derek Barnett to design it, and he is pretty much the best book designer hands down. He did it for free too thats the crazy part.

Publisher’s website: http://www.orgallery.org

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