Jeremy Dixon

SIX ERs BEHIND BARS is a concertina-fold book containing six used UK stamps from the 1950s and 1960s. Each stamp features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Regina or ‘ER’). One stamp is mounted onto one page of the book by threading it through cuts in the paper (or BARS). Each book contains a unique set of stamps, and so every copy is different. Every book is hand-made in Wales by Jeremy Dixon of Hazard Press. The book is also available in a Welsh language version, CHWECH ER MEWN BAR. Each version of the book is available in an edition of 100, with the number hand-stamped on the reverse.

Published by Hazard Press
37×54mm, 16 pp, Ink Jet Printer, Concertina, 2013
Edition of 100

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Hazard Press was set up by Jeremy Dixon in 2010 to produce hand-made poetic artists’ books. All books are written, designed, and made in Cardiff by Jeremy Dixon. Hazard Press has exhibited at book fairs throughout the UK, and has had books in group exhibitions in Bristol, Sheffield, and Manchester. Hazard Press books can be found in the collections of the Tate Gallery and Stanford and Penn Universities.

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