Nanna Debois Buhl and Liz Linden
City Grammar: Stormy Weather & Suitcase Wisdom

Taking New York City lives as starting points, the artists’ book City Grammar: Stormy Weather & Suitcase Wisdom by Nanna Debois Buhl and Liz Linden develops their shared interest in mapping urban life by charting the city’s anonymous signs and personal signatures. These often-small details become synecdoches, standing in for the city at large, as it is determined by the artifacts of its emotional, economic and political lives. Suitcase Wisdom is poem about historical and contemporary travel, constructed from the brand names of inexpensive suitcases, while Stormy Weather points wryly to how recent fluctuations in the market have been described in meteorological terms, despite the admittedly dubious reliability of weather prediction.

Published by Revolver
ISBN: 978-3-86895-115-8
4.5×6.6 inches, 72 pp, full-color offset, perfectbound, 2010
Edition of 1000
15 USD

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Nanna Debois Buhl (b. 1975) is a Danish visual artist based in Copenhagen and New York. She participated in The Whitney Museum’s Independent Study Program, New York (2008-09) and received her MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2006). Her work combines a poetical, visual language with theoretical and literary references, often making use of formats such as maps, atlases and travelogues. Buhl’s projects examine historical and cultural knowledge through plants, animals, images, and architectural components and are realized through a combination of installation, drawing, film, text, photography and sound.
Liz Linden (b. 1980) is an American artist who lives and works in New York. She also participated in The Whitney Museum’s Independent Study Program (2008-2009) and received her BA from Yale University (2002). Linden’s work points to the contradictory messages transmitted by the form and the content of the objects that make up the contemporary American environment, often referring to literary theory, semiotics, and feminism. Her work is succinct, using humor or irony to momentarily make simple what are, ultimately, the overwhelming questions raised by the neoliberal landscape. She works in many different media in order to turn the formal, ethical, and economic contradictions inherent in commercial culture back upon themselves.

Revolver is a publisher based in Berlin specializing in artist’s books, writings, and special editions.

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