Sophie Jodoin and Louise Marois
De peine et de misère

De peine et de misère was created as an artist book for a solo exhibition in October 2010 at the CLARK Centre in Montreal through a collaborative dialogue of collage and poetry between visual artist Sophie Jodoin and poet Louise Marois. Each of the book’s pages is formally defined by the pairing of an image and a single phrase. The cumulative effect is that of stories in an endless loop. The cover’s whiteness and embossing evoke unseen wounds borne by vulnerable beings. The intent is unequivocally direct: presenting the untouched, the innocent, stained by fraught words and images that hit hard and dirty. There is no turning away, no rambling, no alluding. Its current form was published in 2011. The English translation by Lazer Lederhendler under the title barely, just barely effectively captures the tone and tenor of de peine et de misère. Undertaken two years after the initial publication, the images and translated poems have been printed in a smaller format and annexed to the original book.

Published by Battat Contemporary
ISBN: 978-2-9210857-9-5
21×16.5 cm, 94 pp, black and white offset, perfect bound with double folded pages and embossed cover, 2011
Edition of 500
$20 CAN

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Sophie Jodoin’s austere, minimalist drawings frequently serve as the starting point for large-scale presentations involving collage, painting, video and found objects. Her works have been exhibited internationally in artist-run spaces, private and public galleries, museums and art fairs, and can be seen in the current issues of two periodicals dedicated to drawing: Berlin-based FUKT, and Montreal’s HB magazine. Her collaborative projects include published novels, dramatic works and poetry. She lives and works in Montreal.
Louise Marois’ first book La peau des yeux published in 2004 was awarded the Jacqueline Déry-Mochon award for poetry. Its sequel, qui boit l’encre was a finalist for the Goll Prize (France). Her most recent poetic narrative, Du pain dans les joues, is published by Éditions de l’Hexagone. She lives and works in Quebec’s Eastern Townships region.

Battat Contemporary is a Montreal contemporary art gallery supporting the careers of emerging and mid-career artists, showcasing and promoting their works at home and abroad. It also sponsors independent art projects such as this artist book.

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