Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson
Bottles at the Round Table

Les Bouteilles de la Table Ronde by Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson is an epic collection of women’s drinking songs sung to the tune of “Chevaliars de la Table Ronde”. A full page drawing by Feyrer and Henderson faces each page of lyrics with one uniquely fingerprinted page. Printed on five different shades of paper. Two-colour woodblock and letterpress printed cover. A wild colourful collection of lyrics and images.

Published by Perro Verlag
ISBN: 978-897243-98-5
30×24 cm , 44 pp, laser, fingerprinted, Wood Block Print, perfect bound, 2013
Edition of 50
$75 CAN

More info: http://catrionajeffries.com/artists/julia-feyrer/works/

Available from: http://www.perroverlag.com

Julia Feyrer’s exploration into objects that relate to the human body extends across 16mm film, sculpture, sound, and photographic methods such as the daguerreotype. Feyrer considers devices and objects such as the clock or the camera as apparatuses to understand and measure time. Feyrer is an artist from Vancouver. Solo exhibitions of her work have taken place at Catriona Jefferies, Vancouver (2012); Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö (2011); Artspeak, Vancouver (2011) and Access Gallery, Vancouver (2008). Her work has been included in group exhibitions such as Children’s Films, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver and International Project Space, Birmingham (2012); Phantasmagoria, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver (2012); The Problem of Nothing, Hayaka ARTI, Istanbul (2011) and Geschmacksverstärker, MMK Zollamt, Frankfurt (2010).

Tamara Henderson’s practice is based on recordings of the unconscious that follow an oneiric, or dreamlike structure. Drawn from processes of hypnosis, nocturnal fieldwork and altered states, Henderson’s experiences are manifested into sculpture, furniture, and film sets. The objects possess a spectral quality, one that addresses the absence of a conscious experience. Henderson is an artist from Sackville who lives and works in Stockholm. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel (2012); On the Tip of My Tongue, Magasin 3 (2013); Evergreen Minutes of the Phantom Figure at Nuremberg (2013); and Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Kraichtal (2007); and recent exhibitions at Western Front, Vancouver and Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul, both 2013. Henderson was also a short-list finalist for the Sobey Awards (2013).

Established in 2005, Perro Verlag is an idea that grew out of collaborative drawing sessions, comics exhibitions and barbecues at Lucky’s Comics in Vancouver. Perro Verlag’s roots go back to the energy of 1970s artist’s mimeo magazines in which the page became an alternative exhibition space for artists to work in. As Edit deAk, a founding editor of Art-Rite, said about that magazine’s run: it was “a restless but friendly, constantly evolving entity.” This is an editorial vision that Perro Verlag strives to emulate, working as we do without the constraining net of government funding requiring stability of intent and focus, and sound budgets expressed in spreadsheets. We recognize the importance of unstable thoughts and impractical, possibly visionary intentions. Our studio is a laboratory of disruptions, our print shop a stage for timely, unbalancing acts.