Fanette Mellier
Dans la Lune

Dans la Lune depicts a lunar cycle with simple and elegant shapes. By combining 8 colored inks, Fanette Mellier proposes a sensitive progress in the lunar month: When the moon is waxing, it diffuses a subtle palette of white tones; when the moon is waning, its dark side is revealed by a play of overprints. This transcript oscillates between technical constraints and experimentation, science and sheer poetry. These 30 moons are those of November, at the time when the book is issued. This book was inspired by the exhibition In the Moon (2010) at the Centre culturel pour l’enfance de Tinqueux.

Published by Editions du livre
ISBN: ISBN 979-10-90475-10-6
20×21 cm, 64 pp, 8 colours offset, perfectbound, 2013
Edition of 1500

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Graduated in 2000 from the Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, Fanette Mellier became “color Madam” of French design. His work is based, with some porosity between control projects and research around the issue of the printed object. In 2012, Fanette Mellier was resident at the Villa Medici, Roma, Italy.

Founded in 2011 by Frédérique Rusch and Alexandre Chaize, Editions du livre is an independent publishing house based in Strasbourg (France). It publishes books between contemporary artists drawing, children’s books, and graphics. The poetics of the manipulation of the object-book dialogue with its contents. The shape of the book is the background.

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