Alberto Guedea
A brief study on subversive subcultures before and after Darwin

The eighteen colour photographs in this book of ‘thrashers’ bring to mind Eleanor Grosz’s account of an evolutionary will to power, otherness, and extravagance which rightfully explodes those crassly instrumentalist accounts of natural selection so beloved by Wall Street financiers and other social darwinists.

Published by No Kings Press
8.5×8.5 inches, 40 pp, colour laserprint, staple, 2012
Edition of 100

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Alberto Guedea Zamora is a multidisciplinary artist. He studied photography at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas in Guadalajara, and film history at La Casa de la Cultura in Colima México. Guedea Zamora’s works while primarily conceptual based, are also often experimental and avoid a linear interpretation. They can be viewed as personal investigations of time and space. Recently, his practice explores a variety of subject matter such as evolution, the ocean, science fiction, art production and himself, frequently with a dose of humor. Guedea Zamora has lived between Mexico Canada and Japan and presented work in Germany, Greece, Thailand, Sweden, Mexico and Canada among others.

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