Luke Strosnider
I Wish You Where Here

The images of I Wish You Where Here were made during a brief time I spent living in the Netherlands. Amsterdam was home and I made occasional visits to a few other cities and towns in Europe. Living in a foreign country for a few short months creates a liminal existence. It wasn’t long enough for me to become a full-fledged resident, but I was far more than a tourist on a quick visit. The entire time was spent in a state of simultaneous arrival and departure. I began to think about the things that define tourism, travel, and familiarity with a place. Crowds, couples, individuals. People photographing, observing art and architecture. Cameras and frames. Modes of transit. Connections made and missed. The book takes its title from a postcard I found in a stationery shop in central Amsterdam. I was mindlessly flipping through their selection when one made me stop. The text grabbed me first: I WISH YOU WHERE HERE. What was I looking at? A typo? A mistranslation? The image was jarringly incongruous. A tropical resort scene, all palm trees and white sand beach. Outside the shop, the cold, grey Northern European autumn was transitioning to winter. Whether an error or a pun, this odd phrasing of a travel cliché echoes the joy and disorientation of days spent occupying an existence between resident and tourist. Looking at that white sand beach returns me to wanderings beneath low, dark skies.

Published by Anchorless Press
ISBN: 978-1-927730-00-3
7.5×8.5 inches, 88 pp, full-colour digital offset, hardcover, sewn binding, 2013
Edition of 200

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Through his photographic work, Luke Strosnider continually seeks to understand images and their full range of capabilities as measures of time, keepers of memory, and conveyors of information. Luke earned a certificate in fine art photography from the Photographic Center Northwest (Seattle, Washington) and received his MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester, New York). His artwork can be found in the collections of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, University of the Arts, and the Pratt Institute among others. His book I Wish You Where Here, exploring the experience of living in the space between a resident and a tourist, was recently published by Anchorless Press. Luke currently resides in Chicago, where he is an instructor at several schools including Loyola University and the Evanston Art Center.

Anchorless Press is an independent Canadian artist book publishing hut. We work with emerging artists and writers to publish their works in an affordable and conscious way. As a community of artists and authors, we support a mandate to provide transparency and guidance to those who want to self-publish, or small-press publish their work, but don’t know where to start, or the potential time + costs involved. We are interested in small runs, affordable books, democratic objects, and the potential to make a book that *is* the artwork.

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