Luke Ramsey and Andrew Neyer


Discourse is a story about three friends discovering the sport of disc golf. This collaborative comic was created during Andrew Neyer’s one-week residency with Islands Fold. The story of Discourse came to be because there’s a disc golf course located close to the home of Islands Fold. It was Andrew’s first time disc golfing. His enthusiasm for the game influenced the artists to make a book about disc golf. Luke has collaborated with over 80 artists to date, but this was Luke’s first collaborative comic that had length to it. Andrew positively challenged Luke, because of Andres’s approach to comics. Andrew would propose every angle to better the format of the comic. All drawings for the book were made during the residency. The book was printed and assembled by Andrew at the silkscreen studio of MICA in Baltimore. The book includes an actual 7” record that ties in with the story. Each record has the book info and edition number written on the record sleeve. The music on the record is random, because the records were purchased in bulk on eBay. The last pages of the book all connect to each other and fold out as a double-sided landscape. The cover of the book has a hand cut moveable phrase that changes when the page is turned and flipped over. Discourse is the most elaborate and laborsome publication produced by Islands Fold.

ABotM seal of approval
Published by Islands Fold
9 x 12 in, 12 pages, colour, 2008
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Available from Islands Fold.

Luke Ramsey (b. 1979) has exhibited in Bordeaux, Copenhagen, London, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Portland, Vancouver and Taipei. Andrew Neyer (b. 1979) has exhibited his work in Copenhagen, New York, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Los Angeles. Andrew currently resides in Cincinnati, USA.

Islands Fold is an independent publisher and artist residency established in 2006. An art farm that harvests collaboration and the promotion of health and well-being. Located on the West Coast of Canada, artists are invited to the residency free of charge. Islands Fold is self funded by its founders Luke Ramsey and Angela Conley, and also sustained by the public support of art and zines sold online.