Vida Simon
Inklings: gestes, murmures, ruminations


The idea for this book came about as I was leafing through my journals from over the years and felt compelled to extract drawings from the sea of words. But then having done that, sometimes the words slipped back in when it seemed necessary to provide a glimpse of the context. The selected drawings range from sketches created for, or after performances, to remembering dreams, to observing a teacup. Inklings seeks to honour the fleeting processes that are usually kept private, transposing fragments of many books into one intimate book.

Printed by Imprimerie l’Empreinte in Montreal. Published with the assistance of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec.

Self published
ISBN 978-2-9811503-0-1
5” x 6”, 96pp., Black and white, 96 pages, 2009
Edition: 500, 100 signed and numbered.

Available from the artist.

Vida Simon’s work has been presented internationally, in a diverse range of contexts – galleries, hotel rooms, storefronts, theatres, rooftops, and books. Her work incorporates various media, combined to form site-responsive installations and performances. Linking all aspects of her practice is a passion for drawing, a form that most directly expresses her interests in visual storytelling, materiality, and embodiment. Her performances often foreground the ephemeral gesture of live drawing. In 2010 her work will be presented at Artspace (Peterborough), Interazzioni Performance Festival (Sardinia, Italy), At Home Gallery (Samorin, Slovakia), 9th International Performance Art Festival (Turbine Giswil, Switzerland), as well as in various locations in Montreal. Vida Simon lives in Montreal.