Jo Cook
The Last Four Cows of North America


This densely layered book of text and image begins with a quote from Eugène Ionesco’s Journeys among the Dead : “Genealogy is where we find emanations, emanations. No, genealogy is where we no longer find, where we have never found, emanations.” Mixing fiction with historical documents, found images, family photographs, newspaper clippings and comics, Cook excuses history from being linear while documenting her roundabout journey through a melancholy genealogy.

Published by Perro Verlag
18×21 cm, 20 pages, digital colour, 2008
Edition of 50

Available from Perro Verlag

Curator and artist, Jo Cook, founded Perro Verlag, books by artists in 2001 with the intention of publishing affordable, limited edition visual art chapbooks and artists books. Since then Perro Verlag has produced 65 publications including comix, manifestos, The Hell Passport Project (showcasing the work of 24 different artists), pamphlets and exhibition catalogues. Perro Verlag promotes the original and independent voices of both established and emerging artists whose work combines or crosses or messes up traditional genres.  All books are edited, printed, bound and distributed by Cook.