Craig Stuart Love
work is a four letter word

work is a four letter word is a processed based text work. Each of the 28 pages of the book consists of 4 four-letter words hand stamped into a grid in archival black ink.  These four-letter words may be read from left to right as well as each column top to bottom.  All books vary in terms of words used and order of squares.  Obviously there are many options and variations available, as four letter words abound in the English language.  Occasionally proper names, historical, slang, and/or archaic words or spellings are used to enhance the associative charge of the square.

ABotM seal of approval

Published by LOOKOKBOOK
6.25×8 in, 14 pages, hand stamped archival ink, 2009
Open edition


Available from the artist: craigstuartlove [at]

Craig Love is an artist who makes paintings, but also likes to write and make objects to act as paper weights.  He has shown his paintings and drawings in New York, Toronto and Winnipeg, and as far abroad as Istanbul, Germany and Australia.  Most of Craig’s writings are a slow accumulation of ideas that find their way into small varied editions consisting of books or multiples.  These objects are artworks in and of themselves, but also have been used in tandem with other bodies of work as reference materials.