Monte Burman, Caitlin Burrell, Zach Cassidy, Daniel Fraley, Charlotte Hodgson, Urszula Kamala, Liam Sanagan, Laura Simon, Victor Stan, Courtney Bryant, Stephanie Fong, Bethany gahagan, David Graham, Nancy Kha, Victoria Michalowsky, and Fiona Walley
Check This Shit Out (Sixteen books by artists)


A wide ranging collection of artists’ books that reflect on training, translation, futility, fragments, mythmaking, fantasy, struggle, and sincerity — amounting to the comprehensive navigational guide to existence. Carefully constructed through pooled centuries of experience an toil, this book strives to be all-knowing while deftly avoiding being overwhelming. Readers are comforted with bathroom breaks and liberated with trips to outer space; enlarged as god-like deities and shrunk to convene with the squirrels; aided with safety training and flashed with a portrait of their own mortality; disjointed and indulged; educated and baffled; distanced and invited — this book is the cathartic experience our species can rely on for generations to come.

Relinquish your notions of life held tightly like security blankets and embrace the futuristic realm of open-knowledge that exists beyond social networking. The practical elements are taken care of. You’ll have a song ready for every occasion so that you may free yourself to investigate the details in the larger picture. Reflect on the sensual realm, the manner in which you have been shaped and guided to read, insert yourself into the culture we elaborate collectively, experience isolation before translating the contents to invite the world in. Then flip the book over and read it again.

Published by Solid Gold
5.875×8.25 in, 284 pages, black and white, 2009
Open edition

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As sixteen individuals, Jamie Saint Ferguson embodies a broad scope of life experiences that under ordinary circumstances might be impossible to distill or correlate. Jamie Saint Burman is to be at the top. Jamie Saint Burrell wasn’t there, but then again, neither were you. Jaime Saint Cassidy would like a little bit of everything, please. Jamie Saint Frawley administers extra strength. Jamie Saint Hodgson dreamed she was a sketch. Jamie Saint Kumala is on maternity leave. Jamie Saint Sanagan makes drawings in ink. Jamie Saint Simon may know less than she professes. Jamie Saint Stan is still waiting for a response from you. Jamie Saint Bryant enjoys flashy, shiny sentiment. Jamie Saint Fong is friends with all things furry. Jamie Saint Gahagan wants to know if you’re terrified of your bellybutton unravelling? Jamie Saint Graham is obsessed with dead celebrities and representing them in a nostalgic and tender way. Jamie Saint Kha deals with anxiety and fear. Jamie Saint Michalowsky gets addicted easily — like to knitting, or the Sims, or Smarties. Jamie Saint Walley is open to the idea of being pen pals. Jamie Saint Ferguson has lived sixteen lives and consequently is incapable of saying anything that is not solid gold.