Lezli Rubin-Kunda and Sheila Ghidini
Large Movements and Small Actions


The two artists, working at distant points on the globe — San Francisco and Tel Aviv —carry out a series of simple activities that mark and celebrate various events in the earth’s cyclical calendar. They use the internet as a tool, discussing, synchronizing their actions, and exchanging the resulting images via email. These images and texts are finally brought together in a book that documents the project. It includes some of the email correspondences, images from photos or videostills of each action,  almanac charts about moon cycles, tides, etc.

The project exists only as a book . It was never produced in any other format. This makes the book form a precious record of a transient series of actions.

Self published
20×20cm, 20 pages, colour, 2001/2004
Open edition

Available from the artists

Sheila Ghidini is based in San Francisco. Along with her art practice, she has created many public art commissions in the Bay area.

Lezli Rubin-Kunda is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Israel. Her work is site specific action-based, using the materials and spaces of the immediate environment to explore relation to sites.

Both artists are interested, in their individual work (in performance, installations, drawings, photographs) in relating and reconnecting, through primal activity and material processes, to the basic rhythms underlying our daily life. They have worked collaboratively on a number of multi-disciplinary projects. They are currently working on a new bookwork.