James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thomson
Canadian Haircut Cut


Canadian Haircut Cut is a new zine by James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thompson. The zine was created in Victoria while the Brain Trust duo was there for their book launch. Each of the 16 pages is a two-colour print, printed with soy-based inks. The zine printed on a finicky 1980’s multi-colour printing machine – show signs of glitches and mis-registration making each zine slightly different. The process is similar to screen-printing so each image is comprised of two drawings which combined produce the two colours.

ABotM seal of approval

Published by Anteism
5.5 x 8.5 in, 16 pages, colour, 2009
Edition of 100

Available from Anteism

Peter Thomson and James Kirkpatrick have been working together on drawings since 2000. Peter has a history of doodling and zine making and James with a background in graffiti. Their artwork has a non-linear narrative that incorporates a pseudo comic-book aesthetic and multiple references to popular culture.

Anteism is a Canadian arts publisher showcasing visual artists through publications such as artist books, zines, exhibitions, collaborative projects, and limited edition art prints. The Anteism logo is a blank canvas, an unspoken speech bubble, a transparent medium for artists to communicate in the way they personally communicate — their art. The goal of Anteism is to offer support to Canadian artists and a platform to share their work.

Anteism’s roots were developed while curating collaborative art projects and exhibitions. Since 2003 the focus has slowly grown towards arts publishing. Art publications and limited edition prints are now the main focus of the organisation. Anteism publishes books in the format of artist monograph, handmade artist books / zines, graphic novels, comics, and illustrated fiction.