Matt King
Travel to a point where there is no longer a point


Travel to a point where there is no longer a point is a sort of reversal of words that means everything and nothing at the same time. As a sentence an act of purposelessness, but at the same time it asks the big question “What does it all mean?” Just as any other story works, this book has a beginning, middle and end. As you progress through the pages, the starting point (the reason for existence), becomes obscured by the translucent paper and is perhaps replaced with an almost Zen-like enlightenment of nothingness.

ABotM seal of approval

Self published
2.5×2.12 in, 12 pages, black and white, 2009
Edition of 50

Available from artist

Matt King is an artist living in Toronto. Matt’s graduated from OCAD in Integrated Media. Themes of consumption, purposelessness, accumulation and visual perspective are developed throughout much of his work. Matt’s work has been shown and performed in exhibitions locally at Gallery 1313, Gallery TPW, Art Metropole, and as part of the Toronto Images Festival and most recently, Nuit Blanche. Internationally, he has exhibited his art at No Coast in Chicago, and the DangerDanger Gallery in Philadelphia. A unique bookwork of this is in the collection of the Toronto Reference Library.