Knock em’ dead

by Noella Gordon

I’m asking you to knock em’ dead
the person beside you or anyone who tries to overpower you
Knock em’ dead with the education you in school you achieving ,
perpetrate them with your wisdom.
Assault they minds with your inner power
Write this down though,
anger blocks success
And the moment you show your vulnerability ,
it’ll be the death of you.
I want you to knock em’ Dead
And in order to do that you needa be as persistent as the sun .
Does the sun take breaks?
So you better keep knockin em’ dead
Knock em’ dead not with your hands but with your confidence
Knock em’ dead without a knife but with your respect .
Knock em’ dead without that AK47 , that pistol , in the end its a GUN …
Cause weapons show your weakness,
you pullin the trigger shows me your weak
You really have to kill your enemy to show that you some boss ?
silent and listen are spelt with the same letters.
sometimes all you needa do is be quiet.
Do me a favor and try to knock em’ dead with your silence.