Third Eye Crying

Gender inequality is what I see
Feeling hurt, stranded, pain and
Suffering intensively
I’ve been treated like a maid
But he still reacts so calmly
Scarred with the constant abuse
Hitting me repeatedly
He never lets me go out cause
These marks show so badly.
Though he leaves the house
Whenever he likes
Sayin he’s going out for the groceries
This man just left me with his dishonesty
Leaving all my unanswered questions
That just shows the immaturity
Even though he’s done so much
I still see him with me
I married him and said those vows
Cause I thought love was the reality
Hoping this was temporary
Cause I mind living in insanity
I just wanted things to go back
To the way it used to be
Every night I pray to God
Hoping that he would hear me
But then there’s just another day
That in my defense,
My hands block punches automatically
I just want my words to be heard,
Stated clearly
Never allow yourself to be controlled by a man
If he’s been produced by a woman just like me
Cause for me its too late
He already threatened to kill
Even if I call for help
He said he’d dig a hole and bury me
My life is overwhelming
I can’t even feel the breeze
Two eyes crying including my heart
Makes it three
So for all those ladies out there that have a very similar story
Never allow yourself to be ruled
Because you love your man tremendously.
Trust that if he loves you,
He’ll treat you the way you’re supposed to be.

by Nashana