• DSC_6842entourage courage
  • Aakode'ewin (Courage) Entourage
  • Aakode'ewin (Courage) Sentinel

The Entourage is a supporting group of ten individuals who have played a significant role throughout the process of making the Ring of Fire—from constructing the costumes, to creating music, to devising the choreographic movement language used during the procession itself. The number ten is significant as it represents the lunar cycle, allowing for the entourage to literally come full circle unto itself—for eternity. Each member of Courage’s Entourage where a mask, made of vacuum form plastic with uniquely pattered shapes, finishes, and laser cut embellishments that evoke the bear claw and, through the use of positive and negative shapes reciprocally relate to other patterns, symbols, and iconographic elements of all players who comprise Courage in the procession.


Here are a selection of Marlon Griffith’s initial sketches, artistic renderings, technical drawings, and images of the design process and creation of the costumes for Courage’s Entourage. The main body-form for Courage’s Entourage is made from steam bent wood, which wraps around the body and over their head, like a blanket of protection, or—seen another way—as if each character is in the caring arms of perpetual embrace. Steam-bent wood is a new material and technique for Griffith, which he discovered while experimenting in our “mas” camps over course of working on this project.