• DSC_6886sentinel humility
  • Dabaadendiziwin (Humility) Sentinel

The Sentinel is the largest, most elaborately costumed character in the procession. Each teaching is dramatized by one of these large-scale totemic figures. Power wheelchair hockey athlete and accessibility ambassador Torrance Ho plays the Sentinel Humility. Humility is a covered character, strong in presence but humble in demeanor. Torrance’s costume provides the context for a bigger scenario, which is taking place underneath the “canopy” he carries behind his power chair. Torrence is a generous spirit that brings out the best in the others that surround him.



Here are a selection of Marlon Griffith’s initial sketches, artistic renderings, technical drawings, and images of the process of making Humility. These images comprise a process extending almost two years. While the forms are intended to give shape and spirit to each of the teachings, each are also closely tied to the individual who plays each Sentinel and are custom designed to fit that particular person. Extending from Torrence’s power chair are 13’ carbon fiber rods with a floral painted pattern on fabric. This pattern uses the colours of the Seven Orishan Deities (symbolized in the Entourage) while the costume functions a protective cover for the Capoeira dancers that surround him. Humility is the ultimate symbol of endurance.