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The Entourage is a supporting group of individuals who have played a significant role throughout the process of making the Ring of Fire, from constructing the costumes, to creating the music, to devising the choreographic movement language used during the procession itself. Each member of Truth’s Entourage, who are played by members of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and a group of dancers, storytellers, and musicians from the youth group Alternative Roots from New Credit. The Entourage of Truth sets the rhythm for the procession on hand drums: the heart beat.


Here are a selection of Marlon Griffith’s initial sketches, artistic renderings, technical drawings, and images of the design process and creation of the costumes for Truth’s Entourage. Each member of this entourage carries forth the shawl of the main Sentinel only theirs, when worn together form a complete circle that underscores the concept of continuity. These shawls have been dyed with natural dyes made from the earth. They each also wear a mask, made of vacuum form plastic with uniquely pattered shapes, finishes, and laser cut embellishments evoke the firewheel flower pattern and, through the use of positive and negative shapes reciprocally relate to other patterns, symbols, and iconographic elements of all players who comprise Truth in the procession.