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  • Minaadendamowin (Respect) Orator

The Orator is one of the main characters in the procession and the only player who speaks to the people, like a messenger. Each Orator speaks on behalf of one of the Seven Grandfather teachings through a commissioned spoken word poem inspired by it. These poems are delivered by megaphone at key moments during the procession as it flows down University Avenue. Each “word warrior” is paired with Deaf/HOH youth who sign each of the poems in ASL. The Orator’s costume is uniquely designed for the individual who plays each role and encapsulates both the spirit of the teaching but also the personality of the poet. Jacob Agustin, from Malvern plays the Orator for respect.


Here are a selection of Marlon Griffith’s initial sketches, artistic renderings, technical drawings, and images of the design process and creation of the costume for Respect’s Orator. Jacob’s costume has a “militant” character taking its cue from the Buffalo, standing his ground after earning the respect of his peers through commitment, hard work, and dedication. He wears a symbol on his chest, like a badge, over top of a bulletproof jacket. At top his head, a military-style cap. This Orator wears a uniform more than a costume.