For over 22 years Art Starts has been using the arts as a vehicle to encourage social change in Toronto’s underserved neighbourhoods. They bring together professional artists and communities to work in and across all artistic disciplines. They are committed to creating lasting change in the neighbourhoods we serve by remaining sustainably within them. In particular, their Sew What?! program been running for 3-years. The program offers marginalized Toronto youth, aged 14-25, an in-depth, compelling, practical exploration of fashion as it relates to cultural histories, politics, class, gender, personal expression, identity and industry. Sew What?! youth have been trained by Griffith and in turn host a free, open-to-the-public “mas” camp at the Lawrence Mall June 15-20. located at the various locations of our community partners. Sew What?! participants will also play “mas” as members of the Entourage in the procession.


Special thank you to Liz Forsberg (Managing Director) Katherine Earl (Program Director), Tamara Haberman (Director of Development and Finance) and Carleen Robinson (Project Manager, Sew What?! and Sew What?! artists Sophia Daley, Matthew Visser-Charest, Cherith Burke, Zahide Tuluoglu, Douglas Hurst, and Keisha Primus, Artist Assistant Nicole Marcano, and project participants Hafsa Issa, Chad Pierre Mason, Denekia Francis, Halima Abubakar, Keisha James, Renee Burnett, Fatima Nyamedo, Diamond Fraser, Daniel Thompson, Amanda Anozie, Danilda Eunice Quicula, and Anh Vuong, Rebekah Kelly, Francine Valentine, Denekia Francis, Jorden Robinson, Jaime Robinson, Erica Keen, Yvette Keen, Elijahkwon Laing.