York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design is one of North America’s premier institutions for education and research in the arts. The School offers intensive professional training, in-depth academic studies, and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration across the arts: dance, design, digital media, film, music, theatre and visual arts. While integrating established practices, AMPD programs push the boundaries of creative media and engage emerging technologies to encourage the creation of new cultural propositions and innovative solutions for global challenges.

The Louis Odette Sculptor-in-Residence program launched in York University’s School of the Arts, Media, performance & Design in 2000. The program strives to create a dynamic learning environment which supports the advancement of the art of sculpture, and where students benefit from participation in and observation of a range of professional studio practices. The residency provides the opportunity for upper-level undergraduate visual arts students to develop an enhanced working understanding of sculpture techniques from the perspective of eminent guest artists. Previous guests of the program include Marlon Griffith (2015) Iris Häussler (2014) Peter von Tiesenhausen (2013) BGL (2012) Justin Novak and Brendan Lee Satish Tang (2011), James Carl (2006), William Tucker (2005), Claire Brunet (2003) and Liz Magor (2000).

The Louis Odette Sculptor-in-Residence program is made possible with the generous support of the P. & L. Odette Charitable Foundation.


Special thank you to: Kevin Yates (Associate Professor), Roch Smith (Studio Technician), Joel Wengle (Studio Technician), Brandon Vickerd (Professor), Shawn Brixey (Dean, School of the Arts, Media Performance & Design), and Amy Stewart (Publicist)